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Minimisation of diesel consumption in connection with transports

September 2023

Dansk RestproduktHåndtering (DRH) is a pure administrative company without any form of own production. Therefore, our energy consumption and CO2 emissions are at a minimum.

However, DRH organises transportation of approximately 80,000 tonnes of flue gas cleaning residues (equivalent to 2500 - 3200 loads per year). With a diesel consumption of approximately 35 l/ 100 km there are substantial diesel consumption and emissions connected with these transports.

In the spring of 2023, we have therefore in collaboration with one of our carriers EUROBULK discussed what we can do to reduce diesel consumption regarding the transports.

The truck suppliers have in collaboration with the customers already made some initiatives regarding the truck set-up:

  • Highly efficient engines
  • Euro 6
  • Boogies
  • Spoilers
  • Energy saving tyres and axles
  • Remote monitoring of driving style and consumption
  • Cameras instead of mirrors

The trucks are undergoing a continued optimisation process, and the development is closely followed by the market and authorities.

But as to the silo trailer, no important development has yet been seen.

We have been in touch with various producers of trailers to hear about their initiatives as to contribution to reduced total energy consumption for the truckload.

Unfortunately, the result was rather depressing as none of the big producers apparently had considered this issue.

It is neither our task nor competence to develop energy optimizing silo trailers, but we would like to motivate the producers to start this development.

Consequently, EUROBULK and DRH have in common had airflow data calculations made at the German company https://www.aeco.green for a combination of trucks / silo trailers, where several various airflow data optimisations have been simulated.

The calculations and simulations are shown in enclosed link:
2023 Summary of Air Resistance Calculations

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